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This page is updated every week with products our vendors will be offering at market on the upcoming Saturday.

Updated: 1/14/22

Saturday Market Vendors


*Blend of Soul- Our cold-pressed natural juices are exactly what you need to restore your energy.  Not only does each bottle of juice contain up to 4 lbs of fresh produce, but they are each filled with robust flavors. Our juices provide a unique blend of flavor creating a refreshing sip of soul, while also allowing our customers to indulge in an array of health benefits!  Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients, each of our juices are an excellent way to start your day and the perfect vibe you need to wind down.

Flavors include Mango Me Crazy, Kiwi Do You Love Me?, Berry Bombshell, Oh Kale Yes, Lemon Crush Lemonade, and Flava In Ya Ear.



*Coleman Girls Farm- Small diversified farm raising animals with respect and love. Taking care of the soil, the air and the water for future generations. 

Coleman Girls’ Farm
Grass fed Beef -start to Finish 
Rib eye steak
Flank steak
Stew meat
Pastured Lamb -start to finish
Ground lamb
Soup bones
Soup bones
Woodland Pork
Ground pork
Pork chops 
Ribs -St Louis style
Pork Belly
Boston Butt
Sausage – Pork
Little link breakfast  
Hot Country 
Coleman Girls’ Farm

Handmade Goat milk soaps and lotion bars

Available now with new scents added weekly
Great Holiday gifts!
Soap scents – Lavender, Lavender Bliss, Lemongrass-Eucalyptus, Rosemary-mint,
Peppermint, Lemon Sunshine, Citrus Delight, Patchouli, Chai Tea, Spiced Cider, and Christmas Fir.
Lotions – Lavender, Citrus Delight, Rosemary-Orange, Lemongrass

Now Under Coleman Girl’s Farm Tent

Chapel Hill Creamery Cheese

Goat Cheese
*Community Built Enterprises- We are a North Carolina based business currently bringing fresh maple syrup to farmers markets in the Holly Springs area. We travel to NY each winter to tap maple trees on our family farm, and work with other small producers in the area to turn that sap into high quality maple syrup. The trick is doing the work ourselves and working small batches.
We offer amber maple syrup, dark maple syrup, and bourbon maple syrup.
*Elaka Treats- Indian-Middle Eastern Flavors Inspired Cardamom Infused Ice Creams & Stories.  Handcrafted from All-Natural, Organic, and Locally Sourced Ingredients. “We Sell Stories and Smiles!”  
Some of our flavors include Kulfi, Plantain, Green apple cumin, and more.  Please check our website and instagram page to see what new flavors we have.
*Fickle Creek- Fickle Creek is a 150-acre Orange County farm that includes production areas (pastures, market garden), managed woodlots, and natural areas. We manage our farm so that it has minimum impact on the environment, is sustainable, and includes humane treatment of our animals. All fruits and vegetables are naturally grown without inorganic chemical inputs. Eggs, duck, and turkey come from flocks that range freely on pesticide-free pastures, eat locally-sourced vegetarian feed, and never receive hormones or antibiotics. Meat chickens and pigs range freely on pesticide-free pastures, eat locally-sourced 100% certified organic feed, and never receive hormones or antibiotics. Cows and sheep are raised on pasture without medicated feed, hormones, or grain finishing. We sell all our products locally and directly to customers who we encourage to ask us questions about our farm and practices.
Fickle Creek Farm at Market  JAN 15
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4-eTyUhMO9jdEI1WTgxVk9rV3E1ZTQ3cDRubFJxRkNBNlI4/view?usp=sharing—  Preorder now for Wednesday Delivery, Friday On Farm Pickup, and Saturday Market Pickupbit.ly/shopfcfnow

Check out our BEEF inventory
Order your steaks and roasts now!
Farmers cheese available this week!
Also Hickory Grove, Carolina Moon, and Calvander.
Pet milk from only grass fed Jerseys
Half and whole gallonsBacon Bits & Chunks Save 50%: $4.50 / lbGreat for casseroles, pizza, & carbonaraSoup & Stock SpecialsChicken Backs – Only $2 per lbTurkey Feet – Only $2 per lb
Ongoing CSA Signup
Enroll in prorated Meat CSA and get a 7% discount on ALL products through March 2022! —

Pickup at Farm on Friday & SaturdayPickup at Markets on SaturdayDelivery on 1st, 3rd, & 5th Wednesdays  Inventory is updated by Monday by 5 pm !
If we have fresh meat, additional updates to the store may occur by Friday 8 am.**Beef & Lamb: Pasture Raised ****Pork:               Pasture & Woodland Raised Free Range ****Chicken:         Pasture & Woodland Raised, NON GMO Fed, Free Range ****Hen Eggs:      Pasture Raised, ****Veggies:         Never Sprayed **

*Gabor Farms- We are not a big farm, but we have a big heart and big ideas on making food accessible, affordable and exciting.  We farm on three locations in Richmond County, NC.  Our primary location host our mushroom grow rooms which consist of 40′ temperature controlled shipping containers, and our sterile lab which is housed in a separate building complete with classroom setting.

We grow vegetables in open fields, caterpillar tunnels and are rebuilding our hydroponic greenhouse this fall.  Our seedlings get their start on a heat mat then spend 1-2 weeks in the nutrient rich channels where they get their initial boost and growth. Normally we pot and sell from this stage to other growers, but have been experimenting with other methods this year, including placing plant cuttings in our mushroom grow room to enhance and speed up root growth.  

Our offerings this week include collards, kale, ginger, green tomatoes, assorted peppers, fresh green beans, radish, carrots, mushrooms.




*La Recessette Pastisserie- There is a story behind every cake, which makes it unforgettable. Your special moments are important to us. We aim to deliver high quality products and an outstanding services.

We will have cocoa bombs, creme brûlée, macarons, blondies, and brownies.




*Local Seafood– Our mission is to sell seafood caught by North Carolina fishermen. Locals Seafood started selling NC shrimp from the back of a truck in 2010. Co-founders and college buddies Lin & Ryan started the business when they noticed the lack of high-quality local seafood available in the Triangle. Today, our team drives to the NC coast 3 to 4 times a week to buy fresh seafood. We bring it back to Raleigh where we cut, pack, and sell it. We believe everyone in the state should have access to NC’s coastal bounty. After all, it’s your public trust resource.


Bigeye Tuna, Swordfish, Smooth Dogfish, King Mackerel, Red Drum, Ribbonfish + Oysters

Our most popular items often sell out before the weekend. We encourage customers to reserve their weekend purchases ahead of time.  Cutoff time is noon on Friday.

>> View offerings in real time


Pre-Order service to reserve your catch


*Muddy Dog Roasting Company- Family owned & operated artisan coffee roastery. Purveyors and blenders of specialty tea. Pre-order online for pick up at the market. 

This week we’ll be offering – *coffee beans * hot coffee, *hot water for hot chocolate and hot tea.  

*Free samples available*.

Check us out at: www.muddydogcoffee.com



*Oberweis Dairy-  Our Promise

Families require careful nurturing. There are no secret recipes or shortcuts. You can see it as a mother tends to her children, just as a family farmer cares for his land and livestock. The commitment to the best for your family drives every decision we make because we want the best for our family, too. We do not compromise on the ingredients we select or the processing methods we use or the superior taste you’ve come to expect. We’re proud of all the products that bear our family name: Oberweis. It’s a promise to your family that what you’re about to enjoy has been sincerely cared for in every possible way, earning the label proudly worn on the package. Oberweis. Simply The Best.  Stop by to learn about our home delivery and taste a free sample!


*Royal Cheesecake & Varieties- We, Ken and Tamara, have been baking for over 15 years. Ken is culinary certified and servsafe certified. Tamara is “grandma certified” and servesafe certified. We bake some of our products in a kitchen inspected and approved by the NCDA as well as access to a commercial kitchen. Ken had a pear and apple tree in his backyard and made pies with his mom. Tamara obtained her baking skills from her Mississippi born grandmother. Together we make decadent desserts and created Royal Cheesecake and Varieties. Now you can purchase their desserts online or in their bakery located in Raleigh or at various festivals/events.

Our offerings this week include cheesecakes (classic, cherry, peppermint bark, baby chicken and waffle), sweet potato pound cake, cookies





*Sharpzilla- Sharpzilla can sharpen anything you need! Whether it’s knives, scissors, shears, or mower blades, Sharpzilla can sharpen them all! Not only that, but you can enjoy the rest of the market while he works his magic or watch the master while he works! Only $5.00/knife.

*Sharpzilla will be out on 1/22 and 1/29.*

Please bring your knives to be sharpened on Saturday.  Put them in your car, so you don’t forget to bring them!

*Sister Kitchen- Serves Halal Middle Eastern food.

I’ll be selling kinds of sandwiches,  such as chicken shawaram, falafel, steak, etc. 

*The Farmers B.A.G- The Farmers B.A.G was founded in 2020 during the pandemic by Brielle and Michelle Wright. They founded The Farmer’s B.A.G. — which stands for Blessed, Abundant, Gifted — in 2020 as an effort to put their agricultural & mental health backgrounds to good use. The organization is dedicated to giving back to their community through agricultural and farming opportunities, including community outreach, addressing food insecurities, assisting older famers, and educating youth on the agriculture industry. We sell specially curated jams and jellies inspired by the seasons. We source the majority of our ingredients from local farmers.



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