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This page is updated every week with products our vendors will be offering at market on the upcoming Saturday.

Updated: 9/23/21

Saturday Market Vendors

*Annelore’s German Bakery- Authentic German baked goods, that are made in the most traditional way, by hand and from scratch, including pretzels, German breads, Plumkuchen, Linzer tart, Fruit tarts, German cookies and many other goods. We bake authentic German pastries from scratch using the finest local ingredients, including Bee Blessed honey, Godwin Farm apples, Britt Farm pears, and Redbud Farms certified organic ginger, tomatoes, and basil, when available. We don’t use preservatives, dough enhancers, or additives in any of our signature pastries.


*AP Kitchen, LLC- Sweet and sour mango pickles.  “A bit of sweetie, a bit of sourey, a home-made goodie, for all your foodie.”

*Carolina Microgreens-Our products are grown in soil (which is composted for our gardens or fed to our chickens), planted with organic seeds when available, watered from a well, packaged in 100% recyclable plastics, and transported in 100% compostable and recyclable bags. We aim to be a zero-waste business and we have accomplished that goal since day one.  Seeded, grown, harvested, and packaged in Chapel Hill, NC.

*Chappell Peaches and Apples- We are a fourth-generation, family-owned farm with a roadside stand in the Sandhills of NC. We grow peaches, apples, blueberries, and more!


PARADE-A yellow freestone with good flavor

FAIRTIME-A freestone peach with good flavor which holds well

Late week- September Sun

Apple-Granny Smith, Golden and Red Delicious are in




*Coleman Girls Farm- Small diversified farm raising animals with respect and love. Taking care of the soil, the air and the water for future generations. 

Fresh Chicken
Fresh Eggs
Grass fed Beef -start to Finish
Rib eye steak
Stew meat
Ground beef
Chorizo sausage
Pastured Lamb -start to finish
Ground lamb
Stew meat
Stew Meat with bones
Soup bones
Woodland Pork
Ground pork
Pork chops 
Pork Belly
Boston Butt
Sausage – Pork
Mid Italian bulk or link
Little link breakfast  
Hot Country
We will have chicken next week also 

*Em’s Cafe and Catering-Have we met? We’re Em’s Cafe and we’re all about Fresh and Delicious! Whether it’s our freshly baked pastries and munchies (Did we mention GOURMET Pop-tarts?) or our sandwiches, wraps, and Take and Bake meals, our goal is to thrill your taste buds and surprise you with some new takes on old favorites. We can’t wait to meet you so come see us soon at the Western Wake Farmers Market!

We will be bringing the usual, poptarts, muffins, cookies, other baked goods, granola, bagged baking mixes, pesto chicken salad.  Perfect for fall- Pumpkin cheesecake Pop-tarts.



*Fickle Creek- Fickle Creek is a 150-acre Orange County farm that includes production areas (pastures, market garden), managed woodlots, and natural areas. We manage our farm so that it has minimum impact on the environment, is sustainable, and includes humane treatment of our animals. All fruits and vegetables are naturally grown without inorganic chemical inputs. Eggs, duck, and turkey come from flocks that range freely on pesticide-free pastures, eat locally-sourced vegetarian feed, and never receive hormones or antibiotics. Meat chickens and pigs range freely on pesticide-free pastures, eat locally-sourced 100% certified organic feed, and never receive hormones or antibiotics. Cows and sheep are raised on pasture without medicated feed, hormones, or grain finishing. We sell all our products locally and directly to customers who we encourage to ask us questions about our farm and practices.



Filets, Ribeyes, NY Strips, Boneless Sirloin
Chucks, Pots, London Broils, Eyes of Round
Ground Beef, Short Ribs, Osso Buco


Boneless Breasts, Bone-In Breasts
Leg Quarters, Whole Wings
Whole Birds, Half Birds, Curry Cut (Whole)
Liver, Hearts, Backs


Butts & Picnics
Save 20% or more – $6 to 6.40 / lb

Bacon Bits & Chunks
Great for casseroles, seasoning, & carbonara
Save 25% – Only $7.50 / lb

Order ahead and don’t fret getting to market early!
Order by Noon on Friday at http:/bit.ly/shopfcfnow  
Pickup at Saturday Markets or on Farm



Loin Roasts, Rib Roasts
Leg Roasts, Shoulders Roasts
Ground Lamb, Neck Slices, Bones

It’s Great Weather for Outdoor Eating!
Sausages for all your grilling events!

Smoked Cajun     Smoked Kielbasa

Smoked Kielbasa
Smoked Jalapeno
Smoked Andouille
Smoked Green Pepper & Onion

Hot Italian     Mild Italian     Bratwurst

BREAKFAST LINKS:      Hot    or    Mild

BREAKFAST PATTIES:      Mild Extra Sage

Chorizo     Country / Mild Sage     Hot Extra Sage

Veggies available this week include…

Skin On Hams and Butts

Large Skin on Butts & Picnics (Frozen)


Great for daytime pick-me-up snack
Gluten Free     Nutrient Dense     Grass Fed
Sweet Heat

Our freezer is full!
Share a Half of Whole Hog with Friends & Family
Save extra $30 this week; Total of 20% off!
Use promocode “halfhog30” when ordering


Enroll in our current CSA – Ends in September!
Enroll in Meat CSA and get 7% discount for the next 6 months!  
Monthly Egg   BiWeekly Egg also available


Inventory is updated by Monday by 5 pm !
If we have fresh meat, additional updates to the store may occur by Friday 8 am.


**Beef & Lamb: Pasture Raised **
**Pork:               Pasture & Woodland Raised Free Range **
**Chicken:         Pasture & Woodland Raised, NON GMO Fed, Free Range **
**Hen Eggs:      Pasture Raised, **
**Veggies:         Never Sprayed **

*Garden Life Production-A small urban farm located in Wake Forest. We use sustainable and responsible growing methods to grow beautiful crops of specialty tomatoes, juicy crisp lettuce, spinach, mustard greens, kale varieties both in pots and freshly cut, perennial shrubs and flowers that are low maintenance and that thrive in our climate. Various seasonal produce, beautiful fresh cut flowers and many more.
I will have 4 different varieties of sunflowers this Saturday.
*Hillaela Farm- On Hillalea Farm, we grow mostly flowers, but also have a variety of vegetables and plants that we sell during the year. We are a family-owned farm, and the resident farmers are Gertrude, Harold and Karen Jones. Gertrude is the primary farmer and has been growing flowers since she was a little girl in Maryland. Gertrude’s dream when she retired was to grow flowers and share them with others, and she has been able to realize her dream and will be bringing her bouquets of garden gems to you each week. Gertrude tends the flowers with care and understands consumer concerns regarding pesticides and other chemicals. We are not certified organic; however, we rely greatly on beneficial insects and birds to keep the bad bugs away. Ask Gertrude about how beneficial insects can improve your garden. Additionally, when we do fertilize, we continue to think about how to improve the Earth versus taking from it. After all, who wants a bouquet including chemicals. For weeding, we rely mulch, mowing, and hand weeding/hoeing, as not to introduce chemicals into the ground that may damage our flowers. We hope you come to love our flowers as much as we do. Gertrude and Harold are the primary vendors that you will see at the market. Please come by and see what we have, as in addition to flowers, we will have vegetables, plants, and herbs during certain times of the year. Remember to take the time to smell the flowers. 

*Jones Farm- I will have red potatoes, sweet potatoes, collard greens.

*Local Seafood– Our mission is to sell seafood caught by North Carolina fishermen. Locals Seafood started selling NC shrimp from the back of a truck in 2010. Co-founders and college buddies Lin & Ryan started the business when they noticed the lack of high-quality local seafood available in the Triangle. Today, our team drives to the NC coast 3 to 4 times a week to buy fresh seafood. We bring it back to Raleigh where we cut, pack, and sell it. We believe everyone in the state should have access to NC’s coastal bounty. After all, it’s your public trust resource.

Saturday Seafood!

*Live soft shell crabs

*Blackfin Tuna

*Speckled Trout

*Sunburst Trout



*NC Oysters


*And More!

View offerings in real time

Pre-Order service to reserve your catch


*Michael’s English Muffins- Bringing you the freshest English Muffins in Raleigh, NC. Unlike anything you have ever tasted!  Try our original, sweet potato cinnamon, rosemary olive, and everything English muffins.  We also have vegan English muffins.


*Muddy Dog Roasting Company- Family owned & operated artisan coffee roastery. Purveyors and blenders of specialty tea. Pre-order online for pick up at the market. 

This week we’ll be offering *coffee dry rub, *iced coffee and *iced tea as well as *hot coffee and *coffee beans. 

*Free samples available*.

Check us out at: www.muddydogcoffee.com



*Natural & Local, LLC-  The goal of Natural & Local LLC is to research, develop, produce and market plant products for the well-being of people and the planet. We promote the idea that every area should be self-sufficient in seasonal fresh produce. Natural & Local LLC produces organic plant products to nourish the local population. We specialize in Asian vegetables but also produce a variety of produce from all over the world.

This week we’ll have okra, eggplant- purple round, white long, purple long, gongura, flat papadi (avarakkai), malabar spinach, sponge gourd, ridge gourd, snake gourd, green pumpkin, white pumpkin (ash gourd), bitter gourd.


*Prodigal Farm-  This recipe for Watermelon, Heirloom Tomato, and Feta Salad really celebrates summer at our market!    For cheese we’ll have:  Bambino Carino, Bearded Lady, Blue Chevrolait, Candide, Chevre (plain and lemon zest/caper), Field of Creams, Hunkadora, Piedmont Provencal, Rowdy Gentleman (oh, the yum — y’all have GOT to try this!), Saxapahaw Blues, Spring Fever, Vache (plain, herb, chipotle-garlic, cranberry-orange, and shiitake-thyme).  We’ve got more of our truly fab pizza dough, made with locally milled organic flour (2/3 unbleached white, 1/3 wheat, for a gentle nuttiness).  And we have more of our mild, lean and lovely pastured Animal Welfare Approved goat meat.
*Raleigh Biscuit Company- RBC is small but extremely passionate about our ingredients and products. That being said, we only offer three flavors a week and if you see it this week you might not see it for another two months! We have about 12 flavors rotating through seasonally. Please feel free to DM us on Instagram concerning pre orders or catering options! Thanks for joining our journey and we’re excited to hear from y’all! We also have gluten free biscuits available by pre-order only.  Message me on Instagram.
*Redbud Farm- Redbud Farm is a certified organic farm specializing in vegetables and herbs. 

This week we’ll be offering tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, garlic, fresh basil.


*Sharpzilla- Sharpzilla can sharpen anything you need! Whether it’s knives, scissors, shears, or mower blades, Sharpzilla can sharpen them all! Not only that, but you can enjoy the rest of the market while he works his magic or watch the master while he works! Only $5.00/knife.


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