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This page is updated every week with products our vendors will be offering at market on the upcoming Saturday.

Updated: 9/24/20

Saturday Market Vendors

Pre-order only/dropping product off:

Jones Farm: We grow a variety of pesticide free vegetables.



Annelore’s German Bakery– Authentic German baked goods, that are made in the most traditional way, by hand and from scratch, including pretzels, German breads, Plumkuchen, Linzer tart, Fruit tarts, German cookies and many other goods. We bake authentic German pastries from scratch using the finest local ingredients, including Bee Blessed honey, Godwin Farm apples, Britt Farm pears, and Redbud Farms certified organic ginger, tomatoes, and basil, when available. We don’t use preservatives, dough enhancers, or additives in any of our signature pastries.

Fickle Creek- Fickle Creek is a 150-acre Orange County farm that includes production areas (pastures, market garden), managed woodlots, and natural areas. We manage our farm so that it has minimum impact on the environment, is sustainable, and includes humane treatment of our animals. All fruits and vegetables are naturally grown without inorganic chemical inputs. Eggs, duck, and turkey come from flocks that range freely on pesticide-free pastures, eat locally-sourced vegetarian feed, and never receive hormones or antibiotics. Meat chickens and pigs range freely on pesticide-free pastures, eat locally-sourced 100% certified organic feed, and never receive hormones or antibiotics. Cows and sheep are raised on pasture without medicated feed, hormones, or grain finishing. We sell all our products locally and directly to customers who we encourage to ask us questions about our farm and practices.

Fickle Creek Farm Saturday Sep 26…
FRESH PORK items updated in our online store!!
CHICKEN is back in stock!!
You can still join the Monthly Cool Season Meat CSA for October pickup!  Wednesday delivery is also available. All MEAT CSA shareholders get an additional 10% off all farm products during the Cool CSA season!

Veggies available this week include…

  • GREEN PEPPERS ‘Olympus’

We still have limited LAMB & MUTTON for pre order!… 

BULK BEEF BOXES as well as 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 cow orders, available for on farm pickup or delivery only!

Quick links below.

BULK Ground Beef Box
BULK Roast Box
BULK Steak Box
1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 cow

Order TODAY to have the best chance to get LAMB, PORK, BEEF, EGGS, CHICKEN, & VEGGIES.

Please remember that almost all of our products are pre-ordered in advance of the market through bit.ly/shopfcfnow!  

Order by NOON on Friday for Saturday pickup at Markets or on the farm!

Inventory is updated Monday by Noon! 
Pickup also available on the farm in Efland Friday from Noon to 4 pm and Saturday 1.30 to 3 pm
**Certified Grass Fed & Animal Welfare Approved, Pasture Raised Beef**
**Pasture & Woodland Raised, Animal Welfare Approved Free Range Pork**
**Pasture & Woodland Raised, NON GMO Fed, Free Range Chicken**
**Pasture Raised, Hen Eggs**
**Never Sprayed Veggies**
Girls in the Garden– @ Coleman Girls’ Farm
We sent our pig out for 
Dean Street 
BBQ Heat and Eat
Available this weekend
Fresh Eggs
Fresh and Frozen Whole birds
Fresh and Frozen Half birds
Grass fed Beef -start to Finish
NY Strip Bone in
Rib eye Bone in
Filet tips (.5lb packs)
Sirloin steak
Flank style Short Ribs
Flank Steak
Ground beef
Stew meat
Chorizo Sausage bulk or link
Woodland Pork
Ground pork
Pork chops 
Ground Lamb
Lamb stew meat
Lamb stew meat with bones 
Sausage – Pork
Mild Italian link or bulk
Hot Country
Apple Brat
Little Link Breakfast
Maple Breakfast in bulk
Hatch Green Chili
Smoked Andouille
Smoked Roasted garlic
Smoked Habanero Mango
Hillalea Farm- On Hillalea Farm, we grow mostly flowers, but also have a variety of vegetables and plants that we sell during the year. We are a family-owned farm, and the resident farmers are Gertrude, Harold and Karen Jones. Gertrude is the primary farmer and has been growing flowers since she was a little girl in Maryland. Gertrude’s dream when she retired was to grow flowers and share them with others, and she has been able to realize her dream and will be bringing her bouquets of garden gems to you each week. Gertrude tends the flowers with care and understands consumer concerns regarding pesticides and other chemicals. We are not certified organic; however, we rely greatly on beneficial insects and birds to keep the bad bugs away. Ask Gertrude about how beneficial insects can improve your garden. Additionally, when we do fertilize, we continue to think about how to improve the Earth versus taking from it. After all, who wants a bouquet including chemicals. For weeding, we rely mulch, mowing, and hand weeding/hoeing, as not to introduce chemicals into the ground that may damage our flowers. We hope you come to love our flowers as much as we do. Gertrude and Harold are the primary vendors that you will see at the market. Please come by and see what we have, as in addition to flowers, we will have vegetables, plants, and herbs during certain times of the year. Remember to take the time to smell the flowers.

Little River Ranch: We are a fourth and fifth generation farm family farming land that has been in our family for more than a century. We combine the best practices from small family farms of the past century with the best of modern farming methods to produce high quality meats that have a depth and complexity of flavor that is impossible to find in the grocery store.

Locals Seafood– Our mission is to deliver the freshest possible seafood from local NC fisherman to the Triangle area. Our seafood is fresh “off-the-boat” from Outer Banks fisherman. Rather than buy imported products that may be shipped halfway around the world, why not utilize North Carolina’s natural resource and help out the coastal economy as well? Our seafood is unadulterated, preservative-free, dye-free, always fresh and never imported. Relatively speaking, this stuff was swimming yesterday…

View selection/prices: http://localsseafood.com

Michael’s English Muffins– Fresh Homemade English Muffins.

Muddy Dog Coffee- Family owned & operated artisan coffee roastery. Purveyors and blenders of specialty tea. Pre-order at our website for pick up at the market.  **Weekly samplings of hot coffee**

Check us out at: www.muddydogcoffee.com

Oberweis Dairy: Oberweis is a home delivery service that delivers farm fresh milk and other grocery items to your home. Oberweis is free of artificial growth hormones, free of antibiotics, raised by farmers who treat their cows humanely, and is absolutely the BEST tasting milk available with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is gently pasteurized. It comes in a glass bottle which protects the flavor and is environmentally friendly. Our milk is Kosher certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council. We offer convenient weekly delivery with no minimum orders and no contracts. We offer 250 grocery items along with our milk, ice cream and yogurt.

Pet Wants: Why Pet Wants?

* We are the highest quality nutrition at an affordable price. There is never any corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, fillers or animal by-products in any of our food. Our food is a complete diet with the meat based protein always being the number one ingredient.

* Our food is manufactured in Lisbon, OH by Ohio Pet Foods (OPF), which is 3rd generation family run, sources nothing from China, all ingredients from USA except Lamb and Salmon, has never had a pet food recall, and worked with Kansas State University to develop all Pet Wants food formulas.

* We have a very different distribution channel. Most pet foods go thru 7 different touch points until it gets to the consumer. That creates a scenario where other pet food is often 3-4 months from expiring; not fresh at all. We get it directly from OPF within a week from being made. Why is freshness important? Nutrients, especially proteins, minerals, vitamins and fats, start to break down immediately after processing. This also affects palatability since dogs and cats are driven by smell and as the proteins and fats break down, so does the flavor. Freshness is why traditionally picky eaters love our food. The retention of the nutrition is also why dogs and cats with health issues like skin problems, yeasty ears, itchy dry coats, etc. tend to thrive on our food.

* We have direct access to both OPF and to our trained nutritionists at our home office, for any questions customers or veterinarians may have about any of our food.

We are locally owned and operated serving North Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Morrisville, and Durham with free delivery.

Redbud- Redbud Farm is a certified organic farm specializing in vegetables and herbs. We will take orders from our email list. If people want to be on our list, email at redbudfarmorganic@gmail.com.  The majority of produce is sold through orders.  We will have plants available to sell.

Red Tractor Provisions: Apples and pears! New produce each week!

Sharpzilla- Sharpzilla can sharpen anything you need! Whether it’s knives, scissors, shears, or mower blades, Sharpzilla can sharpen them all! Not only that, but you can enjoy the rest of the market while he works his magic or watch the master while he works!

Sterling Berry Herbs & Tea– Check out there delicious array of teas! This Saturday they are debuting their new Lavender Grey tea! 

Triangle Urban Farm-We believe that the journey to living our best life starts with our health. What we put into our bodies is foundational. Our mission is to teach, empower and provide fresh produce for everyone in the Triangle. Using a unique and sustainable growing system, everyone can have access to and benefit from fresh food. We are on a mission to grow better, grow greener and grow happier. One person, one family, one community at a time; we are going to change the world through food.

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