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How To Become A Market Vendor

Apply to sell at Western Wake Farmers Market

Western Wake Farmers Market conducts its main vendor evaluation and selection between December and February each year. Vendors are notified of selection decisions by the end of February. We do also accept applications year-round from vendors with products not currently represented or under-represented at the markets.

WWFM is a producer-only food market, meaning that only products grown, made, or with significant value-added component may be sold at our market. We do NOT require that the business owner represent the product at market, i.e., a knowledgable employee is acceptable. For value-added food products (e.g., baked goods), we strongly prefer that if a locally-produced input is available (e.g., eggs), it is used in your product, and if that input is available from a fellow WWFM vendor, that they be the source of that ingredient. We also expect vendors to give ingredient attribution to fellow vendor-suppliers, on their market display, minimally. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not entertain applications from processed food producers using co-packers. We are not accepting new applications from craft (non-food) vendors.

WWFM has a significant body of knowledge around what makes farmers markets and farmers market vendors successful. We have a rigorous evaluation process for each application. It begins with a paper screening to make sure that what you’re offering is currently a need at market, and if so, moves on to a full-fledged evaluation, including on-site visit to your place of business, that is as much of an interview as it is a verification. Generally, the vendors who do well at WWFM have the following characteristics (some of these characteristics are codified in our market rules, others are more difficult to codify but are key criteria for success):

  • Have an obvious passion for local food;
  • Have deep domain expertise in the products they grow and/or produce;
  • Produce exceptionally high-quality goods;
  • Have an agreeable disposition, and an affability with market customers, including patience to handle very basic, naive questions from customers;
  • Possess the ability to set up an attractive market display;
  • Punctuality – we need you set up ON TIME;
  • Reliability – you need to be at the market on the days you say you will be at the market, which is up to you to work out with the location Market Manager as far in advance as possible. This is especially true of winter vendors;
  • Good communication abilities, especially with the Market Manager, and with customers, including reasonably prompt (a day or two) replies to communications from all stakeholders. Also, the ability to maintain basic social media accounts for your business, especially Facebook and Twitter, are increasingly important, especially as relates to our ability to promote your business.


Click Here To Apply: https://farmspread.com/market/12803/western-wake-farmers-market/apply/intro/

We look forward to hearing from you!

New Vendors: Welcome to Western Wake Farmers’ Market! We are happy to have you applying and ask that you take the time to review our market rules before filling out an application.  Our market rules can be found here:

2019-20 Market Rules

Please feel free to reach out to Haven, our Market Manager, by phone at (919) 428-6239 or by email at haven@wwfm.ag if you have any questions about the application process.

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