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Food and Nutrition

We Nourish Community

You already have taken a big step by shopping at the farmers’ market. Here is some great information on why local and sustainable agriculture is so important. There are also some resources that delve deeper into the benefits of a healthy and nutritious diet. Check out our Recipes (link) page for ideas on how to use the food from the market.

1. Sustainable Table Provides a wealth of information and resources to help educate you about the importance of sustainable food/agriculture and how to integrate it into your life. They have some great downloadable fact sheets to make it easy to eat and shop for great food.

2. Food Tank – Stay up to date with national and international food issues with this comprehensive news and advocacy site.

3. Good and Cheap Eat Well on $4/day Cookbook Think eating local and healthy is too expensive? This cookbook will prove otherwise.

4. World’s Healthiest Foods – This in-depth database provides great information on the nutritional benefits of many foods as well as simple recipes to integrate them into your diet.

5. The Nutrition Source (Harvard School of Public Health) – This Harvard site breaks down a variety of complicated nutrition issues into simple advice that is both evidence-based and easy to understand.

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