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Complete Vendor List

Jones Farm

About us:  We are a sustainable farm who grows a variety of pesticide free vegetables. This week- Personal Watermelon-$5.00- each White Corn(Ear)- $0.7-each Collards – $ 4.00 Bunch Red [...]

Muddy Dog Roasting Company

Muddy Dog Roasting Company is a family-owned and operated artisan coffee roaster, founded in 2006. Most of our sales are direct-to-consumer, and we pride ourselves on keeping a large, eclectic [...]

Redbud Farm

Redbud Farm, owned and managed by Clay Smith and Nancy Joyner, began in 2009 to grow a wide variety of vegetables and herbs. It is located in Alamance County on the land where Clay grew up on a [...]

Kalawi farm

Kalawi Farm is a fourth generation peach farm that has strong family roots. Jan Williams grew up on a peach farm. Her father and grandfather were peach growers as well. Jan married Art Williams. [...]

Community Built Enterprises

We are a North Carolina based business currently bringing fresh maple syrup to farmers markets in the Holly Springs area. We travel to NY each winter to tap maple trees on our family farm, and [...]

Hillalea Farm

On Hillalea Farm, we grow mostly flowers, but also have a variety of vegetables and plants that we sell during the year. We are a family-owned farm, and the resident farmers are Gertrude, Harold [...]

Altar Cross Farms

Atlar Cross Farms is a family-owned and operated business that works to bring you the best quality berries possible at an affordable price. Our business started as a father-son duo and has grown [...]

Natural & Local LLC

The goal of Natural & Local LLC is to research, develop, produce and market plant products for the well-being of people and the planet. We promote the idea that every area should be [...]

Carolina Microgreens

Our products are grown in soil (which is composted for our gardens or fed to our chickens), planted with organic seeds when available, watered from a well, packaged in 100% recyclable plastics, [...]

Coleman Girls Farm

Small diversified farm raising animals with respect and love. Taking care of the soil, the air and the water for future generations. Know your farmer. Call to make an appointment to come see how [...]

Michael’s English Muffins

Bringing you the freshest English Muffins in Raleigh, NC. Unlike anything you have ever tasted! Our offerings include original, cinnamon sweet potato, rosemary olive, blueberry, and everything muffins.


Sharpzilla can sharpen anything you need! Whether it’s knives, scissors, shears, or mower blades, Sharpzilla can sharpen them all! Not only that, but you can enjoy the rest of the market while he [...]

Garden Life Production

A small urban farm located in Wake Forest. We use sustainable and responsible growing methods to grow beautiful crops of specialty tomatoes, juicy crisp lettuce, spinach, mustard greens, kale [...]

Elaka Treats

Indian-Middle Eastern Flavors Inspired Cardamom Infused Ice Creams & Stories.  Handcrafted from All-Natural, Organic, and Locally Sourced Ingredients. “We Sell Stories and Smiles!”   Some of [...]

Annelore’s German Bakery

Authentic German baked goods, that are made in the most traditional way, by hand and from scratch, including pretzels, German breads, Plumkuchen, Linzer tart, Fruit tarts, German cookies and many [...]

Raleigh Biscuit Company

RBC is small but extremely passionate about our ingredients and products. That being said, we only offer three flavors a week and if you see it this week you might not see it for another two [...]

Quarry Candles

Quarry Candles are spiritually therapeutic candles that help aid or relieve different ailments. All candle purchases come with healing stones.

Em’s Cafe and Catering

Catered meals to die for, pastries that will make you cry, and to-go meals because you’re busy! Some of our offerings include Cinnamon Toast Crunch treats, Lemon Lavender sugar cookies, honey [...]

Gizmo Brew Works

Gizmo Brew Works launched into the public sphere in April of 2013. Gizmo represents the thinkers, tinkerers, and inventors who make up RTP and the Umstead Industrial Park which we call home. [...]

Nandas Channa

Authentic, homemade, plant based Indian food, simplified. We make cooking Indian food at home a breeze with our customized spice kits.  Nanda’s Channa Channa Masala spice kits make it easy for [...]

Samia’s Cuisine for a Cause

Samia’s Cuisine for a Cause is a home kitchen that brings you a memorable experience of authentic Moroccan food. Our signature recipes are made with passion and the finest organic ingredients, [...]

Blend of Soul

Our cold-pressed natural juices are exactly what you need to restore your energy. Not only does each bottle of juice contain up to 4 lbs of fresh produce, but they are each filled with robust [...]

Gabor Farms

We are not a big farm, but we have a big heart and big ideas on making food accessible, affordable and exciting.  We farm on three locations in Richmond County, NC.  Our primary [...]

Royal Cheesecake & Varieties

We, Ken and Tamara, have been baking for over 15 years. Ken is culinary certified and servsafe certified. Tamara is “grandma certified” and servesafe certified. We bake some of our products in a [...]

The Farmer’s B.A.G.

The Farmers B.A.G was founded in 2020 during the pandemic by Brielle and Michelle Wright. They founded The Farmer’s B.A.G. — which stands for Blessed, Abundant, Gifted — in 2020 as an effort to [...]

Fiddle Tree Farm

Do you have any of the following issues? Concerned about the harsh detergents & chemicals in modern skin care products? Suffer from dry/cracked skin or disorders like psoriasis or eczema? [...]

Oberweis Dairy

Families require careful nurturing. There are no secret recipes or shortcuts. You can see it as a mother tends to her children, just as a family farmer cares for his land and livestock. The [...]

La Recette Patisserie

Meet Us! September 2015, Djamila started La Recette Patisserie and it was the most fulfilling and nerve-wracking decision. She is fascinated by how she can take [...]

David Walbert Hand-tool Woodworking

ABOUT THE WORK Heirloom-quality furniture from a one-man shop in Raleigh, North Carolina. Built with traditional methods for future generations. MISSION My goal is to build simple, functional, [...]


Products: Elderberry Syrup– Description: Antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant! A superfood herb with the highest concentration of quercetin, which reduces viral load and [...]

Solid Roots

Our plant-based hair care products feed and nourish your hair and scalp with nutrient-rich ingredients – all in a solid form. Each bar’s ingredients are carefully curated with [...]

Blue Ridge Pepper Patch

After growing our first crop of super-hot peppers, we were hooked. We made hot jams, hot sauces, dried peppers, pickled peppers, salsas, and enjoyed our first pepper harvest all winter long. We [...]

Weekly News
Sign up for our newsletter by emailing debbie@wwfm.ag
Want to join the WWFM family? Email debbie@wwfm.ag for application instructions and availability.
Visit our 'Who's At Market' page for a weekly list of vendors and products

About The Western Wake Farmers Market

We Nourish Community

Western Wake Farmers Market, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to improve the resiliency of the local food system by increasing the participation of the community in local food consumption, and operating a robust marketplace that allows local food producers to earn a better living. The basis of our non-profit status is education of both consumers and producers.

WWFM was established in 2009 by a group of Cary moms with the goal of feeding their families high-quality, delicious, local food. They set out to build a conveniently located, producer-only farmers market for their community. The market is unique in that it was founded and is run by an all-volunteer board, predominantly local consumers, as well as a minority of market vendors.

In 2014, we completed our sixth season at our Carpenter Village location, a major accomplishment considering that 50% of new farmers market don’t survive 5 years. We meet the USDA definition of a “large market”, and host more than 30,000 customer visits per year. Our market turnover (the amount of product sold by market vendors) exceeds $650,000 per year.

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