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Benefits of Being A Market Vendor

Build your food business at the farmers market!

For some food businesses, selling at a farmers market it is an excellent way to grow your market presence locally. Here are some of the benefits of becoming a vendor at Western Wake Farmers Market:

  • You will augment your business’ income: the average per session revenue during regular season is about $500, with average selling fees of about $30;
  • You will meet literally thousands of local consumers who are interested in local food and have excellent demographic profiles for high-end food products;
  • You can test new products, new pricing, conduct consumer surveys, and more, all of which result in nearly instantaneous market feedback at very low cost to your business;
  • You will meet potential suppliers for your business among your market vendor cohort;
  • You will enjoy an atmosphere of community and camaraderie;
  • You will work outdoors (ok, this is more of a joy some days than others);
  • You will be able to shop at the farmers market every week, and you’ll be there early enough to get all the best stuff;
  • The market is professionally managed: all you need to do is show up and sell!
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