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About The Western Wake Farmers Market

We Nourish Community

Western Wake Farmers Market, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to improve the resiliency of the local food system by increasing the participation of the community in local food consumption, and operating a robust marketplace that allows local food producers to earn a better living. The basis of our non-profit status is education of both consumers and producers.

WWFM was established in 2009 by a group of Cary moms with the goal of feeding their families high-quality, delicious, local food. They set out to build a conveniently located, producer-only farmers market for their community. The market is unique in that it was founded and is run by an all-volunteer board, predominantly local consumers, as well as a minority of market vendors. We have three paid, part-time staff.

In 2014, we completed our sixth season at our Carpenter Village location, a major accomplishment considering that 50% of new farmers market don’t survive 5 years. We meet the USDA definition of a “large market”, and host more than 30,000 customer visits per year. Our market turnover (the amount of product sold by market vendors) exceeds $650,000 per year. In 2015, we will open a second location at the UNC Wellness Center in West Cary.


Hannah Abdulla-Alkadi
Market Manager, Morrisville

Hannah is a mom, student, bartender and passionate advocate for the local food system.  She was introduced to the WWFM by working at the Little Hen.  She began volunteering at the UNC Wellness location at the beginning of their first season.  A few months later Hannah formally joined the WWFM family as its Programming and Community Outreach intern.  From there, Hannah went on to become the Market Manager at the WWFM Carpenter Village location.

Hannah’s strengths are in event planning and working with children. Knowledgeable, resourceful and dedicated, she is a wealth of ideas when it comes to how best to incorporate meaningful activities into market day visits for WWFM customers.

Hannah loves being a part of the local food system and working with the wonderful farmers that stand behind it.  She is eager and determined to help the community learn the importance of quality, local food and how it is crucial for living a healthy lifestyle.

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Jim Pellegrini – President

About WWFM

Jim is a Yankee by birth, but Southern by the grace of a merciful God. Many of you know him as half of the dynamic duo that owns and operates Muddy Dog Roasting Company, coffee vendor at WWFM. He grew up in a family of farmers and restauranteurs, which is where – at a tender age – he learned the essential life skills of drinking, swearing, and making things work with bailing wire and duct tape. As a serial entrepreneur, he has been a founder or early leader of 11 companies. He enjoys time with his family (especially teaching youngsters the joy of raw oysters), coffee and other adventure travel, statistics as a recreational activity, and local food events like Chickenwire. His pet peeve is food that purports to be one thing, but epically fails to live up to the standard bearer – Philly cheesesteaks outside of Philly being a noteworthy example. He’s a Pat’s Steaks guy, because his mother and father before him were Pat’s Steaks people, as was his grandfather, who was a cantankerous soul with an excellent palette. It seems the apple has not fallen far from the tree.

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Juliann Zoetmulder – Vice President

Jules Zoetmulder has a passion for healthy and delicious food. In 2009, she founded the Western Wake Farmers Market in Cary, NC. Jules was awarded the Women of Western Wake honor in 2012 for her dedication to bringing healthy food to the community. Jules believes eating well is the key to feeling amazing. She recently launched www.julesguide.comas a blog and directory site that curates restaurants that are committed to serving foods that are nourishing and delicious. Jules resides in Cary, NC with her husband and three children.

About WWFM

Wilma Schroeder

About WWFM

Wilma’s basic values are “food, family, fun!” And she’s pursuing her dreams on a sustainable farm in Siler City, Chatham County, cultivating mushrooms, garlic, heirloom tomatoes, broccoli, blackberries, and other unique produce, flowers, and herbs.

Farming in NC since transplanting from CA in 2010, Wilma is a vendor at WWFM, using the “pet name” Dog Day Farm!

Jerry Kozel
Dawn Stachler
Cassie Ramm

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