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For as long as I can remember, I have loved burning candles at any time of day or night. It brought me a sense of Peace. Burning pillar candles always resulted in having a leftover block of wax. It seemed such a waste. I got the idea that I could breathe new life into those used-up candles by recycling them. I acquired a single mold and some new wicking, read a few how-to’s and soon I was enjoying those candles all over again. Soon, I had assembled a variety of wax, dyes and fragrances, along with many more molds. The candles I made then, I gave as gifts to family and friends. The act of sharing them, again brought me Peace.

Together with my wife Lana, we formed Peace of Mine Candles. I hope you find that burning our candles will bring you a piece of my Peace. Our candles are all hand-made, one candle at a time and no two are exactly the same. They are made to almost emanate a glow from the inside out that brings warmth and a sense of Peace to any room.

Peace out – Peter and Lana D’Amico

Debbie Pellegrini
I've been interested in eating healthy ever since I was diagnosed with a couple of different diseases that affect my GI tract. It first started with shopping at farmers markets, then I became a vendor (Muddy Dog Roasting Company), and now as the market manger. One thing on my bucket list is to visit at least one farmers market in every state. I can be reached at
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