Huanong Ecorganic Farm was established in April, 2016 and localized in Hurdle Mills, NC. Founder and owner Dr. Changhe Zhou hold Bachelor degree in vegetable science, Master degree in Vegetable pathology and Doctor degree in Fruit science. He did his postdocter research in Fruit Laboratory of USDA and West Virginia University. He was a professor of Vegetable Pathology in Huazhong Agricultural University in China and Senior Research Scientist in plant molecular biology at Department of Horticulture of Virginia Tech. He quit his job at Virginia Tech and started farming in Hurdle Mills, NC. Our goals are to produce healthy, safe, fresh and tasty asian vegetables and fruits by employing ecorganic concepts and techniques. Currently we grow more than 40 species of vegetables, including Asian greens, Asian radish, Hon Tsaitai, white Tsaitai, long beans, green beans, hyacinth bean, chinese cucumber, bottle squash, bitter melon, luffa, chinese zucchini, winter melon, sweet melon, water melon, Asian pumpkin, tomato, cherry tomato, chinese pepper, green pepper, chinese eggplant, potato, okra, basil, Asian sweet potato, etc.

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