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On Hillalea Farm, we grow mostly flowers, but also have a variety of vegetables and plants that we sell during the year. We are a family-owned farm, and the resident farmers are Gertrude, Harold and Karen Jones. Gertrude is the primary farmer and has been growing flowers since she was a little girl in Maryland. Gertrude’s dream when she retired was to grow flowers and share them with others, and she has been able to realize her dream and will be bringing her bouquets of garden gems to you each week. Gertrude tends the flowers with care and understands consumer concerns regarding pesticides and other chemicals. We are not certified organic; however, we rely greatly on beneficial insects and birds to keep the bad bugs away. Ask Gertrude about how beneficial insects can improve your garden. Additionally, when we do fertilize, we continue to think about how to improve the Earth versus taking from it. After all, who wants a bouquet including chemicals. For weeding, we rely mulch, mowing, and hand weeding/hoeing, as not to introduce chemicals into the ground that may damage our flowers. We hope you come to love our flowers as much as we do. Gertrude and Harold are the primary vendors that you will see at the market. Please come by and see what we have, as in addition to flowers, we will have vegetables, plants, and herbs during certain times of the year. Remember to take the time to smell the flowers.

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