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Kalawi Farm is a fourth generation peach farm that has strong family roots. Jan Williams grew up on a peach farm. Her father and grandfather were peach growers as well. Jan married Art Williams. After teaching for 10 years, she decided to go back to her roots. In 1985 Jan and Art started the business of Kalawi Farm and named it after their first three children: Ka-for their oldest Katie, La- for their second daughter Laura and Wi- for their third child Will. In 1991, the Ice Cream Shop was opened and named after their fourth child Ben. Will and Ben now help us manage the farm. The Ice Cream Shop started small and grew quicker than anyone could’ve imagined. The homemade ice cream made the farm a destination for more than just peaches. We’ve grown out of two ice cream shops and continue to expand by making new homemade flavors. Jan has even named 7 new flavors after her 6 grandchildren: Amy’s Amazing Cookie Dough, Bubba’s Birthday Cake, Nash’s Nanner Pudding, Kendrick’s Karamel Krunch, Wade’s Pralines’n’Cream, Alice Kate’s Chocolate Peanut Butter & Paisley’s Popular Peach. We look forward to seeing our customers each year from near and far!

Fresh Freestone peaches and homemade peach ice cream!  Also, fresh cantaloupes, corn and watermelons!

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