Kalawi Farms brings fresh, delicious peaches and homemade peach ice cream to Western Wake! We have brochures you can pick up to read about our farm listing our 35+ varieties of peaches we grow, plus some scrumptious recipes!

Kalawi Farms and Ben’s Ice Cream is located in Eagle Springs, NC, in the Sandhills, an area historically known for growing peaches. It is owned and operated by Jan and Art Williams, both of whom grew up in farming families, and have themselves carried on the tradition of running a family farm. They have approximately 50 acres of peaches which they sell at their roadside stand and various farmer’s markets, from May-September. Adjoining the stand is Ben’s Ice Cream Shop, worth a roadtrip just to get one of their homemade waffle cones or one of several flavors of homemade ice cream, their most popular being peach, of course.

Kalawi is represented at Western Wake by Jan’s brother, Ted Harman. Their grandfather, Patt C. Harman, Sr., began Sand Pit Orchard in the Candor area in the 1920’s. Then in the 1940’s it was taken over by his son, Patt C. Harman, Jr., at which time it was renamed Green Acres. Various siblings, children, nieces and nephews have stayed involved in growing and selling the ‘family fruit’—fresh, delicious Sandhills peaches.

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